Corporate Platform for a financial company

Corporate platform


Inefficient organization of internal processes, insufficient transparency of business operations.


To strengthen the client’s in-house team by incorporating back-end and front-end developers to launch a full-scale platform-building process.

Tech stack

.NET, Angular, SharePoint, Objective-C.


A young European financial company successfully operating in the market for over 5 years. The customer is actively expanding the range of its financial services working both with large-size enterprises and physical persons.


The key issue of our client was weak centralization and automation of inner business processes in the company. Due to the active development and expansion of the services, the customer had an urgent need to build a corporate system that would simplify the collaboration among employees and enhance productivity to increase the volume of the services provided. The client’s in-house team developed a clear vision and presented a project plan but a speedy launch was impossible without high-end professionals of the required tech stack. The Modsen team immersed in the project and got down to implementing the following relevant tasks:

  • develop a functional platform that would unite all the in-house working processes
  • incorporate the tools for facilitating the collaboration among employees of all departments boosting their performance
  • ensure the security of the software and its compliance with regulatory requirements
  • consolidate all the relevant data such as corporate events, news, announcements, on the platform
  • build a storage space able to keep a substantial amount of information about employees, internal documents, and other related data
Financial software


The Modsen-provided project team was selected according to the relevant experience in developing in-house platforms for financial and other companies. Our engineers promptly immersed in the process, analyzed the requirements, set the deadlines and development stages, and negotiated the type of supervision of the outstaffing team convenient for the customer. The corporate portal united in itself the following set of features:

  • Content management: image, audio, and video sharing, auto-extraction of metadata for image files.
  • Convenient interface and quick search for all the necessary information.
  • Integration with all the features of Office 365.
  • Protection and safety of all the internal data, strictly monitored user authorization-based access. Distribution of statuses and rights according to the structure and duties of every specialist.
  • Consolidation of all the internal corporate data, including employees-related information such as their contacts and several ways of reaching out to them.
  • Lots of educative materials in a variety of formats - books, video, audio podcasts.
Financial software solution


Modsen developer engineers managed to launch the final product ahead of deadlines and to significantly decrease its cost due to the incorporation of ideas aimed at the enhancement of the platform at the stage of development. The prompt immersion of the outstaffing team helped the client to build a platform that:

  • boosted the process of accessing the data for providing services more swiftly and productively
  • improved the communication inside the in-house team increasing its cohesion and cooperation while working on joint tasks
  • strengthened data security and insured compliance to the internal regulatory requirements

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