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Modsen senior mobile app developers turn the most impossible ideas into viable functional products. Having 7+ years of expertise under their belt, our team will help you build software solutions based on your clients’ user experience.

Modsen Mobile Development Services

Swift custom project development launch or lightning-fast integration of senior developer engineers into your in-house team within a single week. Modsen experts dive into your project at any stage, bringing the most effective solutions to streamline your business.

In-house team augmentation

Get access to the required set of skills your current project is lacking. Modsen team will provide you with unique mobile app development expertise by joining your project anytime and allowing you to monitor all the processes.

Mobile consulting

We’ll help you build the ultimate strategy for your future project and find proper solutions for its implementation. Modsen developer engineers have launched 100+ mobile apps and thus know all the pitfalls of the development process. Get your project budget estimated, choose from a variety of architecture projecting variants, and see the potential return on investments.

Native mobile app development

Build highly-productive iOS and Android mobile apps. Your product will be developed on the basis of user data and with the help of reliable and practically tested tech solutions. A new clear-code-based mobile app will help you effectively solve any business tasks.

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The best

mobile app developer of 2022


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Creating apps for 17+ business industries and domains

Modsen Cross-Platform Tech

iOS app


While designing applications, we take into account the hardware-based differences of all the devices on a specific platform. And then create a swift intuitive product that uses OS’ full potential.
android app


You will get access to high-end development engineers aware of all the options and new features of the given OS. We are ready to create a diversified, aesthetic, and functional app for your project.
react native app

React Native

The system allows us to build native applications for any possible platform with regard to their characteristics. It’s a perfect tool for large-scale animations, complex calculations, and large data volumes handling.

Modsen project development strategy

Every project requires a thoughtful custom-made approach, so for each of our clients we create unique, strictly framed, and agile development concepts to cater to their individual requests.

Profound software  analysis


To provide the best project solutions and build quality products for our clients we perform a profound analysis of the given business sector and main niche competitors.

Mobile app design


We always go for responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly designs that never fail to impress our customers.

Mobile app testing


The final step is to test the final product on various devices to guarantee the launch of a stable high-quality application.

Software project 


Taking the analytical stage outcomes into consideration, our team works out the detailed plan for business-tasks implementation using a convenient app interface.

Mobile app development


The code writing stage can`t be overestimated. Modsen software development engineers do their utmost to build the base for a high-quality mobile app and then integrate with third-party services.


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Schedule a consultation to plan your mobile app launch to ensure maximum user convenience across all platforms and devices.

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Software development with modsen

We provide a full cycle of solutions in development, integration, and servicing of mobile apps. The successful experience in building apps for a variety of multi-scale projects allows us to take on mobile app development challenges and implement them without fail, meeting all the deadlines and KPIs.

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform development

Your mobile app will be compatible with a number of OSs. Performance, functionality, interface structure, and UI/UX design will be impeccable across all the platforms.

Backend development

Backend development

Senior Modsen engineers will develop solid and agile architecture for your app. You’ll be able to easily scale, adjust it, or introduce any minor changes to your product.

Mobile UX/UI

Mobile UX/UI

We ensure detailed elaboration of a convenient and intuitive user interface for all mobile platforms. Our priority is to provide high user conversion rates and increase product engagement.

Agile culture

Agile culture

Team’s performance at a high level. Cooperating with Modsen, you’ll be getting detailed development reports and benefitting from hands-on involvement in the process by monitoring the team any way you like.

Mobile app modernization

App modernization

Entrust the elaboration of your existing websites and mobile app to Modsen professionals. Integrate new features, reproject architecture or refactor code - improve your digital solutions with us.

Relevant development team

Relevant teams only

Our projects are developed by engineers with extensive experience in similar product building. It helps us set up swift integration, start the development process and launch the final product as soon as possible. We’ll help increase the return on your investments and guarantee the success of your project.

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