SMS and E-Mail Communication App

E-Mail communication app


Develop efficient, functional pages for SMS and e-mail communication with referrals


Customs software development of an app with the functions of sending and deleting messages, working with folders, search by referrals or messages, and a set of functions for communicating with referrals

Tech stack

Php, Yii2, Twilio, Gmail, React, React-material-ui.


The client is a U.S. company that provides specialized consultation services for staff recruitment in the field of medical research. The team is made up of skilled consultants on staff recruitment with high expertise in different business sectors.


The client needed a clear and handy way of communication between referrals and the app administration, who validates and adds information to the system. Apart from it, the key element highlighted by the client was the logic of decision-making patterns on whether a person is suited to a particular research program. These decisions were to be customized within the app system. For this reason, our team decided on SMS and e-mail ways of communication.


During the cooperation with the client to realize the set aims, the Modsen team performed a large-scale analysis of the available services. Based on the collected data and the expertise of the specialists, the following solutions were suggested:

  • Incorporation of the integrations with Twilio for SMS and Google Gmail for e-mail communication.
  • Development of the app structure, which comprises several user roles. One of the roles is Accelerate Recruitment user, which creates Site and site user accounts. The users performing the “site” role are the ones directly engaged in working with referrals and applications.
  • During site development, the e-mail field (e-mail is created to link it with the site) and the phone number (an Accelerate Recruitment user can choose out of the available ones) were added.
  • E-mail and SMS were added to the list of web-pages available to a “site” user. E-mail has an expanded list of functions including the added ones of sending and deleting messages, working with folders, and information search.
  • The SMS page was enhanced to include a list of chats, the key functions for communicating with referrals, search by a referral with the option to open a new chat, infinite scroll for messages and dialogs, uploading new messages.


Thanks to quality and prompt cooperation with the client, the Modsen team managed to efficiently perform the tasks as scheduled. At the final stage of new product development, the client valued the end product high and gave positive feedback. The aspects highlighted by the client include:

  • enhanced communications between the users in the app, increase in the speed of making key decisions by more than two times;
  • the expansion of functions, which enables to process a much bigger volume of information;
  • the new incorporated solutions have boosted the company’s quality of employee service and have enabled to exercise a more detailed control and to plan the workflow more efficiently.
App interface

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