Car Rental App

Rental app


Cross-platform app providing car rental services to natural persons.


Develop software featuring a car rental function and a user-friendly booking system.

Tech stack

.Net, Android, iOS, AWS, Google Maps, React Native.


Our client is an owner of an auto stock with 700+ cars. Their organization holds leading positions in car sharing services in the country. The company caters to clients from the key cities, while the use of cars is possible across the whole country.


The client made it their goal to implement a handy tool for renting a car. The app was to be accessible on iOS and Android platforms and performs the following functions vital for both the lessor and the lessee:

  • Easy sign-up with the possibility to attach all the documents required for personal identification, including the driving license;
  • User-friendly intuitive interface;
  • A map with an accurate location of cars that are free for rental;
  • Automatic payment for car rides;
  • Issuing bonuses for certain “achievements”;
  • In-app chat support for quick help and feedback with a client.
Cross-platform app


We’ve discussed with the client the key moments the app was supposed to have. We’ve also conducted thorough research of the realized solutions in the car rental market.

A brilliant hallmark of this project was the initiative and technical abilities of our specialists, thanks to which we could fine-tune the product in the course of project realization and add the necessary tools to help our client to stand out in the rental market.

The Modsen team has realized:

  • A cross-platform app adapted to Android and iOS users;
  • Easy sign-up for app users; a possibility to quickly attach passport photos, a driving license, bank cards to pay for future rides;
  • A design-adaptive map with the location of cars; a possibility to switch on the search radar to find free cars; constructing a route on the map from a client’s location to a booked car;
  • A filter that displays specific cars for a client;
  • A user-friendly interface and control panel containing information on available cars, tariffs, and history of rides;
  • Issuing bonuses for a client; a possibility to calculate a potential ride price, automatic money withdrawal from the linked bank card;
  • In-app chat support with car sharing managers.


The client pointed out a high speed of sign-up in the app compared to their competitors. And as such, the client was able to skyrocket and gain the upper hand thanks to a quality product in the car rental services market.

The app allowed the client to achieve the following results:

  • New user sign-up and data confirmation in 15 minutes;
  • A rapid increase in the number of sign-ups due to bonus programs;
  • Easy, intuitive choice and usage of various user tariffs, which reduces the costly downtime of cars;
  • Extension of the auto stock and leading positions in the services market.
Car rental services

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