Mobile apps and internet banking

Internet banking app


Support for the existing applications and development of new software for a major online bank.


Building a large team with an extensive frontend and backend tech stack.

Tech stack

React, CSS, Redux, Cypress, Jest, TypeScript, Node JS, Next JS, JavaScript, HTML.


A large bank providing services to millions of users in several countries. The client operates with individuals and legal entities online and through its 400 offline offices.


Our client focuses on using high technologies and an active transition from the offline environment to the online business. This stimulates the need for additional software development teams with unique expertise in finance industry technologies and processes. The client’s business is being scaled up at a high pace, and the bank, therefore, requires flexible professional support from experienced specialists. It was essential for our client to find a reliable partner for a long-term partnership. They needed flexible cooperation options, with specialists joining a project instantly. A wide array of top software developers with an extensive tech stack was also required. Here are the projects that we’ve already completed:

  • development of new features and support of the existing internet banking app
  • handling the bank’s official website: interface, logic, database
  • working on the functionality of the user’s personal area
  • elaboration of capabilities for account opening by individuals and legal entities
  • development of fundraising options for a user’s specific purposes
  • handling apps for credits, loans, installment payments
  • hiring process automation


The Modsen team team has been providing our client with the necessary tools, completing projects for the region’s major bank effectively and timely. Over 40 software developers have been working on this project. The teams are swiftly supplemented, modified, and scaled up based on the project's complexity.

The large team of Modsen backend and frontend developers is effectively expanding our client’s online operation area by doing the following:

  • optimizing page performance on mobile devices; working on the website and app interfaces
  • implementing an external app from another cluster into the click interface; writing texts; developing new features; building histograms
  • working on the components library, databases, and control panel of the website
  • creating business solutions for better user conversion; widget creation and support, ongoing modification of visual components and logic in widgets
  • setting up all possible Jest configurations; optimizing scripts in CI; automation on Yarn, md, and Node; on-duty support for releases or repositories
  • working in CMS; searching for solutions on how to use up-to-minute, open-source technologies
  • adding and distributing new payment systems according to different tariff rates
  • building in-house shared UI; introducing it to different modules
  • developing new designs within the projects; adding new features to the apps
Mobile banking app


We’ve built an efficient long-term partnership with our client. The required skillsets of our software developers, the established transparent project performance control, and the usage of the Scrum and Kanban methods enable us to maintain effective collaboration, scaling up and developing further our client’s business. Here’s what we have as a result:

  • over 20 successful projects completed
  • 40+ Modsen specialists involved in the client’s projects on a permanent basis
  • long-term partnership for 3 years
  • fruitful cooperation driving our client’s business growth and opening to our team new opportunity-rich projects that are already scheduled

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