Modsen stands with Ukraine


Modsen supports all the Ukrainians during these uneasy times. This is a land of free and kind people. This is a neighbor of ours. One of the dearest countries for our company.

Hospitable Lviv, vast Dnieper of Kyiv, Odessa coast, football stadiums of Donetsk and Kharkiv, Crimean wine, picturesque views of the Ukrainian Carpathians, but most important - warm-hearted Ukrainians, our relatives, friends and colleagues, industry peers. All of them are suffering from the violence now.

We oppose these terrible events. We’re hurt to see the catastrophic loss of life, mindless war, because we live in the century of disruptive technologies, creation and big opportunities for humankind development.

Ukraine Support

Ukraine, we are with you. Stop the war, stop the country’s invasion and killing innocent people of the independence European country. We’re proud of strength and courage of Ukrainians.

Stop the war.

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