Online small Business loans Platform

Online loans platform


Automated online platform providing online loans. Build and develop all the stages of loan transaction processes.


Develop an intuitive user interface, AI-based credit score, and automate all the stages of loan transaction processes.

Tech stack

React Native, .NET, Swift, Azure, Java.


Our client is a British company with wide expertise in financial services. They provide support, consultations, and assistance in financial transactions at different scales.


The client has identified the sharpest challenges in building a lending business at present and, thus, has come up with online platform automation and an online app to resolve the existing issues:

  • Opportunity for a convenient loan application and online payments through the mobile app;
  • Reduced operational costs due to full automation of the processes and lower human factor;
  • AI-based creditworthiness evaluation of the app users;
  • Development of a high-performance cross-platform app with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface;
  • A shift of all transactions to the online platform;
  • Increased text coverage of the app;
  • Ensure the security, privacy, and protection of client data.
Online app


The Modsen team possesses extensive technical expertise with a deep knowledge of technologies in the financial services sector. Our experience has allowed us to swiftly assess the situation and gear up the project without further delay at the planning stage.

We have carried out in-depth research encompassing a thorough analysis of the industry requirements and the market. After filling in the initial product documents, we’ve divided the project into vivid stages. Upon the completion of each stage, the client received the reports and was monitoring the current progress of the project.

During the development process, the Modsen specialists suggested and realized the following solutions:

  • Adapt the mobile app to different platforms, build a user-friendly interface for all types of devices;
  • Create a functional credit score that uses plenty of algorithms and can calculate loan amount and default probability;
  • Loan amount online calculator;
  • Recordkeeping of each client’s loan history, assessment of transaction confirmation status;
  • Detailed product tests to release a robust app with advanced data security.


The platform was launched in accordance with the client’s original plans. A meticulous to the app’s development allowed us to achieve the following results:

  • Reduce and facilitate loan transactions to a significant extent;
  • Increased number of online loans within the reporting period due to quality app adaptation to all mobile platforms;
  • Improved transaction quality due to transparent transaction control, user loan history assessment, and solvency predictions of the transaction parties.
Quality app adaptation

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