Distance learning platform

Distance learning platform


Improvement of the app performance, disposal of the tech debt, alteration of the functionality in accordance with new business requirements, redesign.


Seamless migration of the app from outdated .NET Framework 4.7.2 to .NET 7.0, logic adjustment, separation of the app MVC to frontend and backend.

Tech stack

.NET 7.0, ASP.NET Core, Azure, Graylog, Docker, Hangfire, Angular, TypeScript.


Our European partner provides schools with an app for the automated creation and evaluation of test works. The product covers 317 000+ authorized users.


The in-house team of our client required a more advanced level of expertise for successful implementation of the ongoing tasks, achievement of business goals, and ensuring guaranteed development and scaling of the services provided.

To support the project, we compiled a team that focused on:

  • providing cross-automation between new and existing apps
  • transferring the product functionality to the new app
  • scaling the existing functionality, and adding key tools to it
  • detailed design elaboration and adjustment
  • collecting analytics about the new app user experience


We offered our client a 15-day free trial period of cooperation during which our team conducted an in-depth project analysis and began to incorporate ideas and elaborate the portal.

A team of 6 frontend and backend Modsen developers successfully completed:

  • unification of the software authorization ways
  • adding and changing the app logic
  • A/B testing of user migration to the new app
  • development of intuitive user-friendly interfaces based on Figma designs
Software interface


Our team managed to optimize the platform within the time framework. During the development process, Modsen engineers introduced several crucial suggestions that helped cut the project development time and resources. The product has already been launched on the market and is characterized by:

  • improved user experience and increased app performance
  • enhanced results while testing students’ knowledge after training
  • increased interest in studying and engagement with learning materials

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