Fitness tracking system

IoT app


Collecting physical data from fitness center visitors.


A smart IoT app with access to CRM for showing required data.

Tech stack

NodeJS, NestJS, AWS (S3,
CloudFront, SNS, SQS).


A fitness center chain in Eastern Europe. The client has 30+ gyms providing a full set of sports and healthy-lifestyle services.


As the client was scaling up the business and the number of fitness center visitors increased, the processing of a large amount of visitor information became a problem. For ensuring better training results and efficient monitoring of each visitor’s condition, the client needed an application that would allow the coaches to control the training process online and would be always at hand. The client also wanted to:

  • get access to the app on several devices and make its use as convenient as possible
  • have a possibility to monitor a visitor’s activity and presence in a gym online
  • check the gym machine usage frequency and workload
  • analyze visitors’ typical routes based on general statistics
  • quickly get all required information about every visitor


After we promptly studied the entire fitness center member database, thoroughly discussed and analyzed the client’s requirements, we started developing a cutting-edge IoT system that would connect visitors' devices and personal coaches. Receivers were placed all around the gym. Via Bluetooth, they collected data and connected coaches’ smart watches and visitors’ fitness trackers. All information was available online and also was stored in the shared database. The system made it possible to:

  • get online information about the fitness center members both on mobile devices and smart watches that every personal coach had
  • determine every visitor’s location in the gym at a certain time
  • monitor workload of gym machines using a heat map, analyze frequency of queues, and regulate the number of gym machines in the gym
  • efficiently navigate and place sports equipment based on a visitor’s typical routes
  • display general information about every visitor, such as name, training plan, injuries, age, weight, etc.
Cutting-edge IoT system


By now, the client has integrated the new IoT system in all the gyms of their fitness centers. The new software improved the quality of the services rendered. The client achieved:

  • an optimized number of gym machines as the client has increased the number of equipment frequently used by the gym visitors and lowered the number of less popular equipment
  • proper monitoring of every visitor’s activity, progress, and achievement of the planned results
  • better navigation: coach mobility, more convenient location of sports equipment, adjustment of training plans based on the gym capacity

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