Hedge Accounting Software

Automated functional platform


Automated functional platform for the minimization of currency risks.


Develop a cross-platform robust and secure SaaS app.

Tech stack

React, Java, SaaS, Spring, IBATIS.


The client is a U.S. financial services consulting company. The primary services provided by the client include financial risk assessment, assistance in financial transactions, and consultations on a wide range of financial issues.


Upon the request to develop a new platform, our client was utilizing outdated business management tools. Getting the work done required huge effort, money, and time expenses on manual processes. As a result, it has slowed down the speed of transaction preparations and harmed the service quality. The paramount challenge we faced was to work out business logic, increase the service speed and efficiency by incorporating quality automation in each stage of financial transactions. The client highlighted the relevance of the following aspects:

  • High-performance app with a well-structured architecture;
  • Increased software agility and enhanced big data transfer;
  • Possibility of updating the app and scaling it up seamlessly in the future;
  • Creation of financial reports containing diagrams, schemes, and charts;
  • Current data protection and security.
High-performance app


Throughout the project implementation, we maintained close collaboration with the client and conducted an in-depth analysis of the market and world practices subtleties in search of hedging strategies. This has allowed our team to accurately assess the project’s scale, its potential pitfalls, and find the best solutions for developing a high-quality financial platform.

While developing the product, the Modsen specialists managed to accomplish the goals mentioned below:

  • Creation of separate “Administrator” and “User” panels for the essential functionality and additional features;
  • SaaS solution with a well-conceived quality architecture;
  • Extension of possibilities to share and draw up reports as well as an increased speed of report preparation;
  • Data export in different formats;
  • Improved app agility and the option for modifications and scaling-up;
  • Product tests on each development stage with the aim to build a viable app with secure data storage.


The client has successfully launched the software and has pointed out the positive changes thanks to the realized project with the Modsen team:

  • Multiple increases in the speed of processing and performing major financial transactions;
  • Enhanced financial risk control due to advanced app functionality and the possibility of processing bigger volumes of data;
  • Reduced extra operations, which resulted in a boost in business productivity.
Financial platform

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