Internal Airline app

Internal app


Optimization of an out-of-date app by extending its functionality and implementing new features.


Drafting and development of an intranet app that manages critical parameters of the quality of services provided by the company.

Tech stack

JavaScript, C#, HTML,Vue JS.


A large airline company and a leading air travel provider worldwide. Offering both freight and passenger transportation, it has a fleet of planes that numbers tens of airplanes.


An outdated app caused production capacity downtime, low-quality staff workload planning, and constant disruptions in the company’s business processes. The client felt an urgent need to modernize the current platform with advanced functionality to get improved productivity, new possibilities, and intuitive logic of internal business processes. The key tasks our team faced were as follows:

  • Revision of the old app infrastructure that was hindering productivity and efficiency of the client’s company
  • Setting up an easy-to-use search for information, documents, and organization standards
  • Automated adjustment of the changing data, automation of the company’s processes across the board
  • Convenient work with and exchange of office documents
  • Creation of separate pages in the server for different airline departments
  • Reporting on workflow issues
  • Quality communication through the portal, staff's feedback on key company events and changes
Mobile app


Modsen developers built a number of related products for companies of different sizes and industries. Such broad experience helped us quickly embark on the project and come up with suitable top-notch solutions.

After an in-depth analysis of the company’s internal business processes, drafting a development plan, and discussing its key milestones vital for the client, we built the final product within budget limits and equipped it with the necessary functionality.

The Modsen team successfully updated software with the following upscale modifications:

  • An intuitive interface adjusted to web and mobile devices
  • Setup and configuration of office online server for convenient working and document editing
  • Separate landing pages and offices for different departments (HR, accounting, airborne services, sales, marketing, etc.) that comprise a separate library of documents, a discussion board, and different department reports
  • Automation of staff's vacation and business trip planning
  • Sections with news, interesting and useful material, literature for the company's staff
  • Convenient exchange of useful info (documents, reports, contracts with partners) inside the intranet portal
  • Managing the company's events - publication of new, upcoming events, special offers for staff
  • Automation of the vital business processes inside the company - approving and signing documents, staff productivity control, analysis of reports on the completed tasks
Internal airline app desktop


The client is highlighting positive shifts in the company's workflow, more efficient task completion, and encouraging staff feedback:

  • Well-organized and well-structured internal platform for easy communication within the company on both formal and informal issues
  • An increase in the efficiency of general task completion and a higher quality of interaction and unity between the departments
  • Higher parameters of staff efficiency, a tangible surge in overall productivity thanks to transparent reporting and closer control over the entire organization

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