IoT Device Management Software

IoT software


Develop an app for managing multiple smart devices.


A custom app on the iOS platform that includes its own server part as the central software for managing IoT devices.

Tech stack

IoT, React Native, TestFlight, AndroidSDK, XCode.


A large U.S. company that serves over 80,000 users. The client specializes in such services as health care, caring for the sick and senior care, emergency aid.


The project embodied pivotal changes in the client’s business. The client was striving to scale up their possibilities by combining a list of smart devices into one unit controlled by a special app. The initial plans were to launch the software on the iOS platform with the aim of accessing the project viability. The aspects projected to be realized in the future IoT app:

  • Different forms of device management – voice control, precoded settings;
  • Regulating indicator levels according to a device – humidity, air temperature, lighting;
  • Setting the period of active work and shutdown;
  • Tracking indicators in real time and their measurement;
  • Reporting for a certain period, averages per day, activity/inactivity periods, etc.;
  • App notifications of useful settings and app usage recommendations.
user-friendly interface


The client entrusted our team with realizing every aspect of the project. We’ve completed each element, from interface design to a complex structure of interaction between smart devices and the app.

The project was gripping, it contained myriads of new tasks that the Modsen team managed to successfully realize.

Along with a complete team of the backend, frontend, and mobile developers, the client’s full-time developer was involved in the project as well.

We managed to study and consider all the requirements of the soon-to-be app. In case of connecting new smart devices, it became possible to scale up the app. Among the features realized, it’s worth mentioning:

  • Uniting all the client’s smart devices in one app, convenient management; the presence of the necessary data, functions, and reports for each device;
  • Incorporating several ways of device management;
  • Receiving comprehensive statistics on smart device usage, advice on its quality usage, activity and settings tracking in real time;
  • Managing several devices simultaneously;
  • A user-friendly, intuitive for each user interface.


The platform is already launched on iOS and, based on positive results, the client is going to fine-tune the product for Android with our specialists as well. The client highlights enhanced user experience in the new app:

  • The users apply the majority of settings and use virtually all the available functionality while interacting with a particular device;
  • The client keeps getting positive feedback from app users.
  • There’s already visible feedback, including requests to connect new devices as well as transfer to other platforms, which demonstrates the need for further scale-up.
IoT platform

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