IoT SaaS-based platform

IoT platform


Optimization of resources and broadening of the customer base.


Development of a SaaS platform that will be able to set the coordinated IoT infrastructure in advance.

Tech stack

SaaS, Java, MQTT, CoAP, S3, CloudFront, PostgreSQL.


Our client is a major North-American company that builds custom infrastructure IoT solutions, specializing both in the development and servicing of its products. The customer’s business outreach encompasses dealing with logistics, medicine, tourism, and many other business industries.


The client faced difficulties at the stage of business scaling and the expansion of the general customer base scope. As the demand for digital infrastructure IoT products increased in the region, our client decided to grow larger but failed to provide a wider pool of customers with high-quality services. Our team was tasked with developing an IoT platform that would be based on SaaS and enable automatic configuration of the necessary IoT infrastructure. The key features of the new product included:

  • independence from the provider and cloud solutions
  • intuitive and easily navigable platform interface
  • management of all the accesses by a single platform administrator
  • description of and compliance with the main software security and performance requirements
  • simple and code-free company data migration to the platform


To ensure the success of the project we selected a relevant team of specialists with rich experience in the development of SaaS solutions. In the early stages, they carried out a profound analysis of the client’s requirements via holding detailed interviews. To understand the demands for the final product, we were also conducting a series of negotiations with the customer. Having a full picture of the technical and functional characteristics of the product, our team promptly got down to work and within the deadlines managed to:

  • build an agile platform with a choice of various cloud solution providers
  • set up a speedy and convenient option of company data connection to the SaaS IoT platform for the end users with no coding backgrounds
  • provide our client with a super administrator status that allows one to monitor all the processes and control the quality of software functioning
  • make up detailed security, performance, deployment, and app configuration requirements specification
  • ensure full-fledged user data protection and top-notch platform performance able to swiftly connect a large number of new users
IoT SaaS platform


The solution we developed was revolutionary for our client. After a short trial period and a full-scale platform launch we can see that:

  • the customer company is increasing the number of its new clients monthly for over a year
  • apart from new customers, long-term ones also see a positive effect
  • at the moment the company is planning to expand and cover new markets, introducing the platform in more than 3 countries

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