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Develop market analyzer software to provide better data research capacity


Implement high performing data analysis functionality into an approachable analyzer app

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React, Redux, Redux Saga, styled-component


Our customer is a leading East European financial service company, looking for ways of boosting their analytical efficiency of investment processes, deeper market trends screening, and accurate forecasting. They decided to go for ordering a customized marketplace software that would integrate trading and financial services for better real-time market assessment.

Challenge: Develop market analyzer software to provide better data research capacity

Data analysis is vital for providing quality financial and market prospects to investment experts. That’s why creating a solid high-performing market research software is essential for convenient data accessing and processing to conduct a trustworthy market report. To cater to the requirements, a desktop app must be equipped with all the necessary tools for quick, easy, and effective data operations.

The product had to meet the following characteristics:

  • real-time market data access and market news arrangement
  • aggregation of micro- and macroeconomic information
  • access to inner company data, including transitions
  • responsive data analyzing tools for various queries
  • automatic report feature
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Solution: Implement high-performing data analysis functionality into an approachable analyzer app

Taking into account the limited amount of time allocated for the market analyzer software development, the team showed great skill and competence in terms of the implemented app functionality. Apart from the robust back-end, the interface is clearly laid-out and easy to navigate. Front-end intuitive navigability was reached due to several highlighted modules, including the Commodities, Spread, Screener, Watchlist, and Trade Calculator units, which are also subdivided into smaller blocks for extra detailed search convenience. The Commodities unit is a tool section containing the following ones:

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The Unit identifies seasonal volatility patterns on the market to showcase best buying/selling periods and has a number of helpful features, including visually approachable statistics with zoom and pan option, customized time range to search for particular market data, and the usage of extended scope to check the seasonal data.
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Forward Curves

With the help of this tool, a user can get a precise global price forecast and the curves movement of a certain product for confident trading decisions. Here a customer can choose from a range of commodities, check their historic forward curves, and analyze possible contangoes or backwardation cases.
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Stock Charts

The tool is needed to visualize a number of key sets of stock data like exchange, chart period, price change, stock volume, and chart type. It enables the user to digest the basic stock information in no time.
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When searching for a deal, the Correlations unit uses a special algorithm to match the parameters and show the best solution. An advanced search engine enables to set a range of filters to ensure finding the most suitable deals.

Apart from the key units, the market research software utilizes a responsive Trade Calculator to count customers’ real and hypothetical profit and wastage, as well as risks and other necessary trade parameters. As a result of the successful collaboration, the client’s benefits include:

  • 90% market analysis accuracy
  • 30% more detailed investment research capacity
  • quick and easy data access
  • research download ability
  • automated editable data reports

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