Selling Financial Products and Services To Businesses

Selling financial products and services to businesses


Add new product offers to the existing app logic in accordance with the client’s inner team standards.


Alter microservice logic, and build an intuitive app interface.

Tech Stack

Hapi.js, UI - React, Redux, Saga, TypeScript.


The client is a European bank that provides services to natural and juridical persons, the majority of which are medium-sized and large organizations. The company occupies the leading position in the banking industry.


The client was faced with the need to refine the existing app functionality. Thus, they reached out to Modsen as an experienced software development company in the financial sector. The goals set for the project included:

  • Prompt suggestions for app modernization;
  • Extension and optimization of the app functionality;
  • Analytics system advancement;
  • Product integration with third-party services.
Product interface


Thanks to a wide expertise in similar financial app modernization projects, the Modsen team has predicted accurate deadlines, identified key project stages, and promptly embarked on the project.

Product development presupposed realizing the following tasks:

  • Build an intuitive app interface for end-users with the help of Figma-based design;
  • Develop robust and mobile elements based on fully-tested, React, TypeScript, and Storybook technologies;
  • Alter and add microservice logic.


At the final stage, all modifications were incorporated into the existing business processes and helped the company improve its positions in plenty of directions. The client succeeded in launching the updates which included:

  • Integrated panel with a set of apps;
  • A clear-cut description of offers;
  • A tool for taking out loans.

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