Streaming app


Facilitating access to professional-created training video courses


Improving user sports facilities with the development of react native-based sports streaming cross platform app

Tech stack

React Native, Brightcove SDK, Heap Analytics, Detox (e2e), Formik, TypeScript, Objective-C, Java


The client is a leading company that engages in the distribution of sports video courses. The training video courses are curated and filmed by professional sportsmen who have proved their expertise with numerous awards at sports competitions. In pursuit of simplifying sports facilities and closer contact with the customers, the company turned to our team with the request of developing the corresponding app. The client emphasized high performance and great user experience. Our team has accomplished the project and has presented the React Native-based sports streaming cross platform app.

Challenge: Make training video courses more accessible through the react native cross platform app

Difficulties with the use of the desktop app made it inconvenient for some customers to perform training on a regular basis. To provide service of better quality, the company came to the development of a mobile train at any time and place. Understanding the client’s core concerns including business modules, objectives, ideas, and target audience, we moved ahead confidently with progressive strategies to pursue objectives of app development.

Working on the application, our team focused on the customers’ potential issues:

  • Finding a personalized professional training program (with the use of Heap Analytics)
  • Time and effort consuming installment of PC programs and search of sports courses on a particular level
  • Keeping sports activities schedule
  • Finding a reliable training program with the ability to see other users’ reviews
  • Ability to train with friends by tracking other users’ achievements
  • Finding a personalized professional training program (with the use of Heap Analytics)
  • Slow streaming and buffering issues
  • Search for training at user-specific hours becomes very difficult
Cross platform app

Solution: Facilitating access to the content

With the need to create a custom high-performing application, we have developed a stable and easily operated application to meet the client’s requirements to a tee. Our engineers have used Heap Analytics for more personalized content and have implemented the adaptation of Brightcove SDK in React Native for more convenient viewing of video courses. What we have achieved:

  • Simplified access to the app content
  • User-friendly interface
  • A higher engagement within the platform in terms of finding profiles, engaging with content and content feed, etc
  • Enhanced feedback features on video training courses
  • Providing users with personalized video training courses based on their needs and preferences
  • Incorporation of the native player for high-quality training programs videos
  • For more initiative sportsmen, the possibility of in-app purchases for a wider range of additional training content
  • Adding a course liked by a user to favorites for regular training
  • Implementing in-app and push notifications to help users keep training schedule and inform about new content
  • Quick and easy sign-up and login with only essential fields in the form (Apple, Google, Facebook)
  • Creating a public profile to see profiles and achievements of other users
  • Providing access to the app content for users with different platforms (iOS and Android)
  • An accessible way to get sports facilities at a certain time and place according to the users’ feasibility
  • An athlete can get personalized training based on their needs and goals

Our work resulted in a high-performing sports streaming app solution, permitting the users to go in for sports easily while interacting with video training courses. Our proficiency and competence allowed the company to benefit from:

  • The use of React Native framework for greater performance, higher app flexibility, spending less time and money resources on the app development and updates
  • The improvement in user satisfaction with the provided content
  • The growth in the number of users using React Native cross platform technologies
App interface

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