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Incorporating major tasks of a logistics company with front line app features


Automatization of key logistic processes with a high-performing app solution

Tech stack

React, Redux/Saga, Node, PostgreSQL, React Native, express.


The client is one of the world’s forefront logistics companies, leading the East European cargo transportation industry for 25 years straight. In search of ways to boost shipping efficiency, they decided to find the solution in the market of already-existing software. With the lack of solid options, they went for a customized logistics app, created by our team well versed in logistics software development.

Challenge: Make cargo shipping easy through swift and efficient logistics app

The need for automating the processes in the cargo transportation industry made them consider developing a high-performing desktop application to cater for the internal company purposes. Apart from the intuitive app framework, the key elements pointed out by the client included responsive consignment and shipping software, payment database, and safe documentation module.

Working out the solutions, our logistics app development company faced the below-mentioned pitfalls:

  • the need for implementing best application quality within the limited amount of time
  • the challenge about incorporating live cargo-status updates
  • the task for creating an easily navigable and responsive application layout
  • the swift and efficient trucker feedback
  • the need for a reliable consignment software solution
Logistics app interface

Solution: Automatization of key logistic processes with a CUSTOM HIGH-PERFORMING APP

Following the client’s desire for a custom top-notch logistics management application created in the short term, we’ve developed a reliable and easy-to-use software to meet the most sophisticated requirements. We’ve ensured the software functionality using Node JS module and implementing React interface for advanced responsiveness and better trucker usability.

What we have achieved:

  • incorporation of the ERP logistics system, the application automatically lists the demanded cargoes as soon as the orders are uploaded
  • streamline trucker communication for swift cargo loading
  • the ability to verify or dismiss the shipment through the app
  • enhanced feedback features on real-time cargo status

Our work resulted in a high-performing logistics management app solution, enabling the client to implement it seamlessly intothe company’s busy shipping routine. Our expertise and skill allowed the company to benefit from:

  • the use of ERP for supply chain logistics
  • the trucker-friendly app framework
  • the rise in truckers’ shipping performance and report promptness
Logistics management application

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