Video advertising platform

Video advertising platform


To increase video ad investment profitability.


Creation of a functional video advertising platform.

Tech stack

JavaScript, MySQL, PHP.


A European company providing marketing activity optimization and advertising campaign services. Over a short period of time, our partner has created dozens of successful digital strategies, including those for major European brands.


The client intended to develop a unique AdTech tool that would allow increased video ad monetization using precise targeting, process automation, and detailed data analysis. Fast and effective innovations were needed to develop this advertising format. Our partner also emphasized

  • graphical representation of advertising campaign statistics
  • detailed data analytics for the activities performed
  • development of a user-friendly interface, capabilities for configuring video ad placement conditions
  • generation of detailed reports
  • clear and structured data visualization


The Modsen project team performed an in-depth analysis of our contractor’s customers and elaborated a well-structured video platform development plan. During the implementation, we specifically elaborated the functionality, interface, and all necessary tools for a successful ad campaign launch.

The new AdTech software has:

  • a convenient user panel that allows effective management of all the video ad resources available
  • extensive capabilities for data visualization with charts and graphs
  • a possibility to generate detailed reports with a large amount of data based on the campaign results
  • detailed presentation of statistics and a capability to import it in various formats
  • analytics for the available data, predictions, and recommendations on how to improve future video ad placement
AdTech software


The Modsen team completed the project successfully, being over two weeks ahead of schedule. Our client launched the fully-fledged version of the platform in good time. The solution did not require any improvements or serious corrections. Our client has noticed:

  • a positive financial effect for their customers
  • improved qualitative parameters when placing ad campaigns
  • better involvement of the target audience in the video ads and a more prolonged interaction with the advertisement

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